Healty Entrepreneurship

“Healthy Entrepreneurship” is a job shadowing project making available for 2 youth workers from Poland to go for 6 days to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The job shadowing activities will start on 20th of July 2015 and will go for 6 working days, until 20th of July 2015. The project aims to exchange experience, acquire new skills, gain useful knowledge and also develop a partnership. But also acquire good working practices in raising youth awareness about healthy living, social entrepreneurship, intersector cooperation, importance of international dialogue and intercultural education.

We would like to form an international partnership, learn from each other how each partner organizes and carries out their work with young people and also to exchange good practice experiences (in areas of organic gardening and promoting healthy lifestyles).  Świątynia Międzynarodowego Towarzystwa Świadomości Kryszny (Poland) and the Stichting HK Kerkgenootschap Rotterdam (Netherlands) are both non profit organisations, have mainly young volunteers and have experience with organising education of youth. Their aim is to professionalise their youth working skills and to increase their motivation for activities in youth working areas.

Job shadowing activities will take place in Rotterdam at the office of the Stichting HK Kerkgenootschap Rotterdam where the Polish youth workers will learn about good practices with youth, shadow Dutch youth workers in action and share their experience. During these 6 days of job shadowing, the participants will be engaged in many activities. They will have interactive seminars and workshops, meetings with “Palm’s world” company, learning on organic/eco-friendly nutrition, discuss/brainstorm/research and write a project for funding at Erasmus+ program in one of the areas of youth volunteering in different activities partners conduct, professionalisation and recognition of youth work or social entrepreneurship (deals with youth unemployment). European certificates (Youthpass, Europass CV, Europass mobility document) will be issued to participants as a recognition documents for all new skills they learned during the job shadowing activity.

Participants will share their knowledge, expertise and insights to these topics and try to find solutions for youth engagement in modern everyday challenges.  After the job shadowing activity, the youth workers of both organisations will present their experience through dissemination events to the members of their organisation, media, various partners/stakeholders and to the local youth workers on open public presentation held in their local premises.