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Partnership Content

Presently at this mid-term stage, we are enthralled by the cooperation and contribution of the partners which have been brought together through this EU funded project. Three successful transnational Conferences have been held in Germany, Slovenia and Poland. These conferences have included participants of either all seven or at least six of the EU participating countries. There was a diverse cultural exchange of learning as representatives from England, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and Belgium were brought together.

There was a varying ICT competency level amongst the participants and due to the need for good communication on a transnational level, various experts were recruited to provide seminars and ICT support to participiants. A blog and a Facebook page have been set up and they serve as our web communication tool ( and as well as using Adobe Connect and Skype for communications. We have also opened an intranet site – an internal Google project site for all Pizza Effect partnership countries to share and use documentation.

The Conferences used food as an integration tool where cooks from the participating countries showed their culinary skills to cook healthily as well as tasty food. Recipes have been gathered and this will be disseminated through a final EU cookbook by the end of this project. A team of designers has been formed and research has begun on possible book designs and layouts.

Conferences have attracted participants from a large age range, the youngest adult being 18 and the oldest being 79 years old. The intergenerational gap has been overcome through coming together and bringing skills such as the younger generation with excellent IT skills and the older generation with decades of experience in cooking.

Through each mobility to different countries the following activities and results were achieved:   

  1. January 2014: The first Conference was held in Germany, where all partners were introduced and we established working models for future project’s meetings. Participants from all 7 countries used this opportunity to exchange their recipies and present their cooking styles, which fullfilled the aim of intercultural learning. The food cooked by the 7 countries was later distributed to underprivileged members of the local community.

The German hosts in order to promote healthy food to the community organised a visit to a local kindergarten and to the local municipality. These events were positively received and the local press printed an article and picture in their newspaper.

  1. March 2014: The second Conference was held in Slovenia, where cookery workshops took place where participants from different organisations   introduced healthy aspects of their countries’ cousines. Several of the recipes were gathered for the final product of the project: a cookbook.

In addition, we held a seminar on Capacity Building and Project Management skills for the coordinators.

Later on, our Slovenian hosts in order to further our outreach work, organised a visit to a Women and Children Shelter in Ljubljana where we gifted mothers and children with the healthy food products.

We received a presentation of the Educational model – Learn To Read by Prof. Dr. Edith Elizabeth Best. It was presented to all participants, social workers and educators for socially underprivileged groups.

As a continuation of this presentation, we held meetings with present leaders of 22 Shelter centers in Slovenia. We have multiplied the project – by implementing the learn to learn method and teaching the teachers.   

  1. June 2014:The third Conference was held in Poland. Participants focused primarily on the production of the Cookbook as well as Midterm report preparation. Importantly a transnational fundraising team was formulated during this seminar with members who are keen to work together on a pan European level and grow the integration and community cohesion that has begun with the EU funded project.

Moreover we have exchanged good practices on Social Entrepreneur Partnership and established Food Relief Programs. With the local Food For Life affiliate organization in Wroclaw we have distributed free food in Wroclaw for socially underprivileged groups.

In summary this project has begun to impact local communities and importantly begun to solidify pan European work to promote healthy eating and integration on a cultural and generational level. Report of Rotterdam-Netherlands local activities:

Decisions made in Germany/activities Rotterdam:

  • For creating awareness within our cooking team for Pizza Effect, apron and hat was ordered with logo of EU, PIZZA EFFECT and ours. This was very happily received by them. This special apron is being used at our weekly cooking course. This meal is distributed to local people and neighbours.
  • 2 cooks from Germany is invited to give cooking courses as inter cultural exchanges. This is planned from 17th July to 23rd July.

Decisions made in Slovenia/activities Rotterdam:

  • After a workshop of cooking.Happy cookie. Lollipops was ordered to distribute at our regular food for life programmes.

Decisions made in Polen/activities Rotterdam:

  • A young participant with ICT skills was introduced, he set up pizzaeffect.tumblr, to promote Pizza Effect with photo’s.
  • This young man is expert in social media and web designs.
  • Recently our organization is accredited as social entrepreneurship, where young members will be selected to promote healthy food.
  • All this activities has done so far by Rotterdam-Netherlands, with good cooperation with the other partners.

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